Bongani Investment Holdings is situated in a noble area down town Luanda opposite De Beers and with an area of 550 m², the new office site of Bongani Investment & Consultants–Angola, will offer more and better services as well as commodity to institutions, collective and individual entities that go in search for our services on a day to day basis. An amount of 900 thousand US dollars will be used on its upgrading.

In existence since 2004, Bongani Investment & Consultants Angola offers a variety of services, namely Import/Export, IT and others. The Economy of Angola is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the Economist said that for 2001 to 2010, Annual average GDP growth for Angola was 11.1 percent, whereas China was 10.5 percent, High international oil prices and rising oil production have led to a very strong economic growth in recent years.

Bongani Investment Group owns shares in Allaturca Natural Stones. Allaturca is involved in the importation and marketing of floor tiles and cladding into Angola. Alaturca Natural Stone offers a broad selection that enables home builders to achieve the styles of which their customers envision. Many of our materials are designed to coordinate with each other in texture, color and style and also come in a variety of sizes.

Alaturca Natural Stone also understands the needs of the public as wholesalers. From aesthetic to practical considerations, the tile or stone product a homebuyer chooses has everything to do with their individual lifestyle. Floors, countertops, natural stone, travertine, marble, stone, granite, tile, limestone, mosaics, slabs, porcelain, ceramic and walls all affect the character of a space profoundly. Natural stone can permeate warmth or a monumental quality, while tile can add lively rhythm and texture. To ensure that homebuyers will be completely satisfied with their living spaces, our product development department provides a vast selection of design trends that fit virtually every preference.

At Alaturca Natural Stone we source our travertine and marble from only the finest quarries in the world. Alaturca proudly owns five of these quarries and factories which are situated in the west Anatolia side of Turkey. Our factories have been manufacturing Travertine, Marble, Slabs, Mosaic and Limestone for past 40 years, exporting to over 10 countries around the globe.
Bongani Investment Group has developed a successful yellow metal and truck rental business in Angola. The company has 30 loaders, tippers and heavy civil works trucks.

Bongani Automaquinaria – The division’s clients include government, construction and mining companies. This is a fast growing segment of the market and the Group is considering expanding into truck maintenance and service.
Bongani Energia (Pty) Ltd is a Angolian company competing in the ever-changing world of Electrical Engineering. The company consists of three core areas of business:

Manufacture of portable earthing (grounding) related equipment:

  • LV1
  • LV2

  • Various Clamps

  • Earth Balls
  • Control Earth Substation Kit
  • Adjustable Earth Clamp
  • Bus Tube Clamps
  • Lines
  • Towers
  • Reticulation Lines
  • Control Earth Retic (CER)
  • Working Earth Retic (WER)

  • Jumpers
  • Various Kits

  • Footplates
  • Earth Mats
Bongani Travel & Tours Ltd is an Angolan company that acts in the tourism sector. Our travel agency is the general sales agent (GSA) for Emirates Airlines in Angola and currently offers 3 direct flights from Luanda to Dubai.

Services Include:
  • Visa processing.
  • Excessive luggage arrangement.
  • Skyward programme.
  • Accommodation bookings for hotels and apartments.
  • Organised tours in partnership with Arabian Adventure Travel operator
The Group has acquired a 670 hectare farm in Kwanza Sul-Angola and is in the process of equipping it to grow horticulture for sale within Angola. The farm aims to meet the growing demand for fresh produce in nearby Huambo Town as well as Luanda and Benguela.

Currently the company supplies Shoprite Angola and Presild Super Market which is the largest supermarket in Angola. Bongani is also looking at using the farm for eco-tourism.
Bongani Properties is a fully owned subsidiary of Bongani Investment Group specialising in the acquisition, development, management and maintenance of properties, both commercial and residential. BP is also involved in assisting governments outside South Africa to develop low-cost, middle and up-market housing projects.

Some of the properties and projects the company is involved in include:
  • Bongani House; a commercial property in Sandton South Africa. Sandton is the commercial centre of Johannesburg.
  • High-end residential property in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Commercial space in Luanda Angola.
  • Several land parcels near Luanda.
  • Completed the construction of 60 low cost houses in Zango, Luanda for the Government of Angola.
  • Currently in final negotiations with the Government of Angola to build 2000 low-cost houses in Huambo.
  • Completed the construction of 60 low cost houses in Zango, Luanda for the Government of Angola.

In a major boost to the country’s economy, the project is expected to create 7000 new jobs for the people of Angolan and 700 for expatriates in the initial stage. This will decrease to 200 after the third year. As a result of this, Bongani envisages the transfer of skills and technology to the people of Angola by injecting their much needed expertise…
Bongani Investment has further strengthened its footing on Angolan soil by signing a memorandum of intention on the 16th of April 2010 with the government. The deal will see Bongani Investment participate in an Angolan Government project of building 100 000 houses in 5 years and the project will run until 2014. The agreement includes amongst other things, the building of 100 000 houses and infrastructure like sewage and drainage in the five provinces of Huambo, Benguela, Lubango, Luanda and Bengo.

The project will employ modern technology and will use alternative construction methods, which will give the company capacity to build around 10 000, houses in the first year. This will increase to 15000 in the second year and expected a growth of 5% per annum thereafter.

In a major boost to the country’s economy, the project is expected to create 7000 new jobs for the people of Angolan and 700 for expatriates in the initial stage. This will decrease to 200 after the third year. As a result of this, Bongani envisages the transfer of skills and technology to the people of Angola by injecting their much needed expertise.

To ensure that this project is a major success, Bongani has partnered with the Palace Group, who brings them vast experience in Project Management, Design and infrastructure development. The Developmental Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), has demonstrated its commitment through an initial investment of 500 million to be used in starting the project. In turn, the Angolan government will issue treasure bonds and sovereign guarantees for the capital raised.
Bongani is in the process of commissioning the construction of juice and water plant in Angola. This factory will have a capacity of 10,000 litres per hour. Products
We at Frutti sumos offer the following flavors:

Our products are packed in the following Ranges:
  • 1 Litre
  • 500 ml
  • 350ml
  • 250ml

Bongani has a large stake in Flo Tek which is the leading manufacturer of PVC products in Angola. The company produces more than 75 different products including cylindrical water tanks, household drums, loft tanks, dust bins, irrigation pipes and traffic cones. Although Flo-Tek's operations are focused on Angola to date, the long-term goal is to expand to other African countries.

Flo-Tek has been operational since February 2005. At the moment, Angola imports most of its plastic and petrochemical products from South Africa, Brazil and Portugal. Consumption of plastic products is growing rapidly due to the fast economic growth that the country is experiencing.
Bongani's strategy is to use Flo-Tek as a platform to develop Angola's leading petrochemical group. FloTek will seek to exploit potential synergies with other companies in the Bongani group, such the supply of water tanks to the Camama Housing project as well asrubbish bags to KiaxiWaste.
Main Clients:
  • National Police
  • FAA
  • Hospitals
  • Farms
  • Construction Firms
  • General Public
Bongani is leading a consortium that is in the process of building a state-of-the-art timber mill in Angola with an investment of $20 Million USD; Kuyidilela Forest Group (“KFG”). The Group has partnered with the Timms Group, one of Australia’s leading timber companies and Group Neto, a leading investment group in Angola.

The consortium has a 20,000 hectares hardwood concession. The Group has secured project finance from a leading Angolan bank and is about to commence the construction of the factory building.


Rua Rainha Nginga, No 152, Angola
TEL: +244 2393527
FAX: +244 2397803